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A seamless transition from life to workout

Forget dragging around smelly workout clothes or scrambling to find a pair of clean leggings.
With our 24-hour turnaround time, fitness just became more enjoyable.

How it works


Arrive & enjoy your workout


Change & leave your fitness attire in your provided FitFresh bag


Relax & unwind knowing your items are being cared for with the most delicate & effective washing techniques


Return to your gym or fitness studio and grab your FitFresh bag - containing your cleaned, prepared, and ready to wear attire



Common Questions

We wash your workout clothes overnight and deliver them back to your designated workout destination, every day.

  1. 1. Pick a membership, sign up, & receive your custom FitFresh garment bag
  2. 2. Workout and leave your sweaty attire in your FitFresh bag, at your fitness location
  3. 3. Come back the next day to your attire freshly washed & folded.

And since all memberships include wash service seven days a week, repeat the process as often as you’d like.

Trick question - you don’t! Once you’ve picked a membership, signed up, and received your FitFresh bag, you’re all set.

Do your workout, put sweaty items you’d like washed in your FitFresh bag, leave it at your fitness location, and proceed with your life!

You’ll drop off and pick up your items at your designated fitness destination. Each partner does it a little differently, so ask for details at your designated fitness destination or send us a message.

Any workout clothing you’d like to be machine washed!

We work our magic on a range of performance fabrics such as Spandex, Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, Lycra, Acrylic, Acetate, etc.

We only wash workout attire. So keep in mind, we do not accept fabrics such as Silk, Linen, Rayon, Denim, Wool, Leather, Fur, Cashmere, and Velvet. And we do not handle accessories, workout equipment, or shoes.

If any ineligible items are left in your FitFresh bag, your bag will be returned with a note explaining why we could not wash them.

Laundry doesn’t enjoy commuting either - so we wash everything in our San Francisco washing facility.

And no stranger danger either - Your items will always be washed by our trained team of Freshness Technicians using our sustainable cleaning products.

Though we refrain from advertising our unique cleaning products, all products we use are plant-based, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. For more information, just send us a message.

We pickup from fitness destinations less than an hour before they close, every day.

We return and deliver cleaned attire back to the same location when they reopen the following day.

This may vary slightly from location to location, but they’ll give you the deets when you sign up.

Don’t sweat it - they’ll still be waiting for you whenever you decide to head back to your fitness destination.

If your membership ends and you do not collect your items, after 30 days they will be donated locally.

Unless you literally live at the gym, no.

We deliver your items directly to your designated fitness destination, so you don’t need to drag them around.

Fine print and hidden fees are exhausting - so we offer simple & transparent pricing with fixed-rate subscriptions. No commitments, and you can cancel at anytime.

For a month-to-month plan, you pay $90/month. For an annual plan, you pay $75/month.

Once you’ve added your payment details on your account you’re good to go, your subscription will automatically be charged to the card on file and auto-renew.

We hear you. Unfortunately, we don’t offer single wash options because we know that to truly make a positive impact on your workout experience you need to regularly use FitFresh, and we want to see you succeed.

Memberships auto-renew monthly or yearly, depending on the membership selection.

You can cancel (or pause) your FitFresh membership at any time. You must request to cancel your membership before the start of your next billing cycle in order to avoid auto-renewal for the following month. You may pause your membership for up to 3-months at any time.

If you’re on our yearly commitment plan, no cancellations can be made during the commitment period without incurring an early termination fee. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Well, it’s a multi prong approach involving our detergents, machines, and innovative processes.

Our detergents do not contain any volatile organic compounds or hazardous air pollutants, and they’re 100% biodegradable. We use High Efficiency washers, which wash more efficiently and use less water than traditional washers. Additionally, we only wash with cold water, which saves an additional 70% electricity (compared to a 60°C cycle).

We’d love to tell you more about our eco-conscious products and processes, so contact us if you’re interested to learn more.

Not ready to start today?

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