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Developing a WordPress theme

2 March 2019

If you are here, I assume you have heard about WordPress before.  If not, let me tell you th...

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Creating feed like Instagram Android

28 December 2018

Few weeks back I showed how you can create profile similar to Instagram. You can see that article...

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Reducing EBS volume size AWS

27 December 2018

I recently shifted all my images and videos data from EBS volume to S3 as it was cheaper. After c...

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Android Instagram like profile

30 August 2018

Today I will show how you can create profile similar to Instagram's profile in android. It is mor...

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What is Blockchain?

22 February 2018

You might have heard the term "Blockchain" a lot these days on internet and in news articles, mos...

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Android Snapchat like camera

9 February 2018

Recently, while working on one of my projects, I was required to develop a camera similar to Snap...

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How to create a new Subdomain

14 January 2018

First make sure your DNS is working. You...

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How to install SSL certificate

9 January 2018

Step 1: Generate Key.Run the following command in putty command prompt:openssl ge...

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